Corrective exercise plan

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Corrective exercise is a type of exercise therapy that helps people with injuries or pain recover and improve movement. It can be used to help heal an injury, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. Corrective exercise is often used in conjunction with other forms of treatments, such as massage or stretching. There are many benefits to corrective exercise. For example, it can help reduce inflammation, improve muscle function, and increase range of motion. It can also help prevent future injuries by correcting imbalances in the body. If you have an injury or pain, corrective exercise may be able to help you feel better and move better. If you're in pain, whether from an injury or simply from overexertion, you might want to give corrective exercises a try. These exercises are typically designed to help improve your form and alignment and function + stability and/or strength, which can in turn help reduce or eliminate pain. Corrective exercises can be particularly helpful if you've suffered an injury and are working on rehabilitation. By improving your form and alignment, you can help ensure that you're not aggravating your injury as you heal. And even if you're not injured, poor form can lead to pain and other problems down the road. So if you're struggling with pain, give corrective exercises a shot. They just might be the key to getting back to feeling your best. The Corrective exercises we use would (typically) be put together on the Best used after an initial 60min appointment. If client will not be visiting for a face to face session, a video call - to visually assess, discuss and treat will be required (in this case click the "30mins" session).